2 years ago

New R4i SDHC Update 1.41 Currently Ready Available

Has there been any concern to produce a Severe 3DS emulator? It does not need to display in 3D to perform with 3DS games.

Being a new player to the area, people pick which community to live in. might it be Asian-styled Konohana using its a read more...

2 years ago

Nintendo 3DS Evaluation

An in-development 3DS emulator, Citra built rather the bounce recently when it added HD decision help (discovered by NeoGAF consumer CyberPunked). Needless to say, Nintendo 3DS activities have probably never seemed this great.

On the 3DS X

2 years ago

3Ds Emulator Mac Os X Download

Citra (most active): Citra is actually a work in-improvement 3DS emulator. Citra may currently copy, with varying examples of accomplishment, a broad variety of diverse homebrew applications and industrial application. It performs on all three imp read more...